About New in Benelux: Pura Stainless-steel bottles!


Pura Stainless bottles are crafted from food service grade electro-polished stainless steel. Our bottles are 100% BPA-free, do not leach harmful chemicals like plastic bottles, nor do they require fragile and funky chemical coatings like aluminum bottles. And, unlike other bottles, our lids are also made from stainless steel because what good is using a non-plastic bottle if you are still drinking through a plastic cap? Available in nippy and spout bottles in 150ml and 325ml.

Pura bottles are strong, dureable and safe and that is why these bottles have a lifetime warrenty. Not only do these bottles last for a lifetime... the are also looking beautifully with their bright colours and cool design. Smart and stylish! These bottles are easy to clean becasue of their wide mouth. The Pura bottles are dishwasher safe.


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